Law Firm Risk Management

Every day, law firms help their clients manage risks, and as all law firms come to know, there are many risks that firms themselves face. In all legal proceedings, there are deadlines to be met and documents and sensitive information to be closely guarded. Attorneys within a firm, no matter how experienced they may be, make mistakes. Unforeseen conflicts arise. Unhappy clients, at times without any basis, sue for professional negligence or file complaints with regulators and the California State Bar.

Risks lurk around every corner, but with smart planning they often can be avoided. When risk turns into reality, negative consequences can be mitigated through swift, strategic action.

At O’Rielly & Roche, we provide risk management services to California law firms. We’re attorneys with extensive experience helping law firms reduce their exposure to financial and reputational losses. We work with law firms to identify, address, and, when necessary, defend against risks.

  • Risk Identification: Our team helps you to audit and analyze risk factors related to your practice, including issues such as conflicts screening, risk management processes and business practices to better understand the exposure your firm faces.
  • System, Process and Procedure Design: Once risks have been identified, we work with clients to design systems, policies, processes, and procedures to minimize threats.
  • Advocacy: When an incident occurs, be it a cyber security breach, disqualification motion, partnership dispute or California State Bar matter, we work with our clients to make sure they are vigorously defended.

The environment in which law firms operate today is increasingly complex. Risk management can no longer be reactive—it requires a proactive and comprehensive approach. Given our exclusive focus serving California law firms, our creative approach to problem-solving, our active participation in legal associations and organizations, and the litigation background of our attorneys, we’re well-equipped to help your firm take the steps necessary to guard itself against the biggest threats to its business.