About Our Firm

At O’Rielly & Roche, our practice focuses exclusively on serving California law firms, lawyers, and law-related businesses, when comprehensive experience and an outside perspective is needed.

While caught up in the whirlwind of serving clients, battling adversaries, and running a business, many law firms and lawyers in California struggle to find time to focus on the legal, ethical, and risk management issues that affect them—until they have no other choice. Ethical dilemmas, unreasonable clients, partner departures, and lapses in judgment can’t always be anticipated, but their eventuality can be planned for and their impact mitigated with the right counsel on board.

Counsel On Point

Few, if any, California law firms devote themselves entirely to the legal, ethical, and risk management issues that we grapple with at O’Rielly & Roche day in and day out—and that’s the fundamental reason why we’re different. Our exclusive focus, our ability to think creatively, the wide-ranging litigation experience of our attorneys, and the discretion with which we treat our clients’ sensitive information gives those we serve a distinct advantage. All of this means that, in the vast array of legal issues affecting law firms, attorneys, and ALSPs in California, we provide Counsel on Point.

Exclusive Focus: We have the ability to identify, address, and resolve potentially serious risks to our clients’ businesses because that’s all we focus on.

Creative Thinking: Our attorneys bring energy, vigor, fresh ideas, and a unique perspective—born of experience—to the challenges our clients face.

Litigation Background: Every member of our team has extensive litigation experience. Our objective is always to help our clients avoid the courtroom and we draw on the perspective gained through our wide-ranging litigation experience to cover all the bases.

Discretion: Because of our boutique size and niche focus, clients can be confident that their matters will be handled with the utmost discretion and their information will remain within the four walls of our firm.

Who We Serve

The specific situations in which our clients call upon us are varied and multi-faceted, but all involve the legal, ethical, and risk management issues facing law firms and attorneys. The types of clients we serve include:

  • Small to Mid-Sized Law Firms: Many small to mid-sized law firms in California lack a dedicated in-house general counsel, and turn to O’Rielly & Roche for ongoing support. We help firms proactively plan and take action to mitigate risks and react to fast-developing events, such as partner departures and ethical issues, as they arise.
  • Large Law Firms: Large law firms based in California or with California offices, which typically have some in-house general counsel capabilities, engage O’Rielly & Roche for a fresh, independent perspective rooted in our attorneys’ deep experience handling almost every legal and ethical issue an attorney or law firm can face.
  • Individual Attorneys and Practice Groups: Whether they’re planning a departure from their law firm, struggling with an ethical dilemma, or dealing with a California State Bar disciplinary action, individual attorneys in California count on O’Rielly & Roche to help them navigate complex situations and move forward with confidence.
  • Alternative Legal Services Providers: Technology has ushered in a new age of legal services and the legal marketplace is quickly expanding, offering unconventional avenues for connecting attorneys with consumers. O’Rielly & Roche has been on the forefront of providing legal ethics and risk management consulting to lawyer and non-lawyer owned ALSPs.

What We Do

Learn more about the legal, ethical, and risk management services we provide to law firms, attorneys, and alternative legal services providers in California:

Legal Ethics Counsel
Law Firm Risk Management
Law Firm Formation and Dissolution
Partner Departure Law
Partnership Disputes