About Our Firm

Our firm’s practice is focused exclusively on providing advice and counsel to California law firms and attorneys.

In today’s legal market, protecting your firm from the potentially disruptive forces of partner departures can be a difficult exercise. Frequently, by the time you realize you have a problem, it’s too late to solve it properly. Similarly, effectively managing legal ethics issues and risk management is something best done before a problem arises.

Transitioning to a new firm, or starting a new practice, is an exciting time. But it’s also an uncertain one. Grappling with an ethical issue can create similar angst. That’s because the issues are complex, and the outcomes unclear. You must know the rules, and plan ahead. But these situations also require the right business instincts to come out on top.

In these circumstances, attorneys and law firms require counsel that is equipped to address, and to resolve, the nuances and gray areas that arise in connection partner departures and with legal ethics issues – counsel that has a deep understanding of the facts and the law, can map out the best path forward, and can develop and execute the correct plan of action. In other words, they require Counsel on Point™.

Counsel On Point™

O’Rielly & Roche is a boutique law firm that works specifically with law firms and attorneys in California in connection with partner departures and legal ethics issues. The Firm’s practice is focused on the unique issues our clients face. These issues require counsel with a practical perspective that comes only from experience representing similarly situated parties, well versed in the issues, discreet with the sensitive information at hand, and equipped to fight should the need arise.

This means that we understand the issues that law firms face when partners or groups depart. We understand how critical it can be to protect the law firm’s business and the law firm’s property, to ensure that departing partners comply with applicable rules and partnership obligations, and to manage the firm’s message to clients, attorneys, and staff.

This means that we understand the issues you face as a departing partner, or a departing group of attorneys. We understand the challenges of resolving issues with your former firm, joining a new firm, or starting your own firm.

Our exclusive practice focus on California law firms and attorneys also means that we have deep experience identifying, addressing, and resolving potentially serious risks to your practice, including legal ethics issues and compliance challenges.