Law Firm General Counsel

We bring this General Counsel capacity to your law firm. We counsel and advise our law firm clients on all aspects of legal ethics compliance, including ongoing counsel to address specific issues and to respond quickly when an ethical issue arises.  We also provide counsel so our clients can proactively avoid legal ethics issues, to ensure appropriate policies and procedures are in place, and to monitor compliance with those policies and procedures.

Legal Ethics Counsel

Legal ethics rules, and strict compliance with all ethical guidelines, is a critical part of practicing law. But it can be difficult to interpret and to apply the legal ethics rules in the context of compliance systems, daily practices, and real-world legal ethics dilemmas. We provide independent, confidential counsel to analyze and resolve legal ethics issues, to review and analyze your firm’s systems and practices to ensure compliance and best practices, and to ensure that your firm’s most sensitive information remains confidential. 

Law Firm Advice and Planning

Successful management of a law firm requires a clear-eyed and holistic approach to the risks that law firms face, to address and resolve issues as they arise, and to plan ahead to prevent problems and minimize risks. Our law firm advice and planning practice is designed around the critical issues that your law firm faces: Law Firm Formation and Structure, Law Firm Risk Management Best Practices, Legal Ethics Compliance and Planning, and Partner and Attorney Transitions.

Law Firm Formation and Structure

We counsel California law firms on all aspects of law firm formation, structure, and planning, including:

  • Law firm partnership agreements
  • Law firm start-up
  • Law firm partner compensation systems
  • Law firm attorney promotion systems

Law Firm Dissolutions

The end of a law firm marks a critical time for law firm partners, shareholders and clients, and must be handled with the utmost care. The right advice and guidance is essential in protecting the personal and professional interests of individual partners, their clients, and firm employees. Our experienced team of partners has unparalleled experience in advising and guiding law firms and law-related businesses through all phases of the dissolution process, including pre-dissolutions considerations, options and planning, wind-up, and termination.

Partner Departure Law

O’Rielly & Roche’s Law Firm Partner Departure Law practice is unique among California firms.  We provide advice and counsel for law firms and law-related business on all aspects of attorney transitions and separations, including voluntary departures, dissolutions and mergers, retirement, resignations, ejectments, impairment-related departures, discipline-related events, partner disability and death.  The Firm also publishes the California Partner Departure Law blog, an industry-leading blog dedicated to reporting on recent developments and providing analysis on topics related to law firm transitions and separations.

Law-Related Business Counsel

Technology has ushered in a new age of legal services and the legal marketplace is quickly expanding, offering unconventional avenues for connecting lawyers with consumers.  Attorney participation in such endeavors requires compliance with ethical obligations. Non-lawyer owners also have a variety of legal issues to navigate in setting up or revising these business models. An alternative legal services provider (“ALSP”), and other providers of alternative access to legal services, can minimize its own risks, as well as risks to its consumers and its participating lawyers, if legal ethics requirements are thoughtfully considered and incorporated into its business model.