Ethics Counsel and Attorneys for Law Firm Partner Departures in Los Angeles, CA

O’Rielly & Roche LLP is a California law firm with offices in Los Angeles that represents lawyers and law firms in ethics matters, partner departures, and partnership disputes. Our attorneys have extensive experience in commercial litigation and arbitration, representing businesses in state and federal courts statewide.

Founded in 2007, O’Rielly & Roche LLP is a boutique law firm with a practice focused on representing lawyers and law firms in California. With nearly 40 years of combined legal experience, founding partners Daniel O’Rielly and Dena Roche bring focused experience to advising attorneys and law firms in ethics matters, partner departures, and partnership disputes.

Ethics Counsel

We provide independent, confident counsel to lawyers and law firms in Los Angeles and throughout California with respect to navigating legal ethics issues. As most lawyers know all too well, from marketing restrictions to jurisdictional concerns, virtually every aspect of legal practice in California can raise critical ethical considerations. At O’Rielly & Roche LLP, we help lawyers and law firms maintain ethical compliance by:

  • Serving as Ethics Counsel to Resolve Ethical Issues – When the ethics hotline and general resources from your malpractice insurance carrier are not enough, you need experienced ethics counsel who can quickly gain a firm grasp of your situation and help you make smart decisions about your practice. We serve as ethics counsel to lawyers and law firms, providing sound, timely advice when they need it most.
  • Conducting Ethics Audits to Ensure Best Practices – As new technologies and other developments reshape the landscape for legal practices in Los Angeles and throughout California, lawyers and law firms must maintain a consistent focus on their ethical obligations. Our ethics audits are designed to ensure that our clients’ systems, policies, and procedures adhere to best practices for ethics compliance.
  • Serving as General Counsel to Lawyers and Law Firms – When your clients demand more, you need to demand more, too. Clients are increasingly scrutinizing their law firms’ policies and practices, and they want to see that their law firms are practicing what they preach. By hiring outside general counsel for your practice, you can cost-effectively manage your firm’s ethical obligations while further demonstrating your awareness of, and commitment to, your clients’ demands.

Partner Departure Law

Our California Partner Departure Law Practice, which is unique among California law firms, focuses on advising law firm partners on all aspects of transitioning from one firm to another, including starting a new practice. From conflict considerations and other ethical concerns to the matter of getting paid by your soon-to-be-former firm, the attorneys at O’Rielly & Roche LLP handle and advise on all matters relating to your partnership departure. We represent law firms in lateral partner acquisitions as well.

Partnership Disputes

When negotiating a resolution to a partnership dispute falls off of the table, you need strategic and competent counsel who can effectively represent your interests in litigation. At O’Rielly & Roche LLP, we represent law firm partners in Los Angeles and throughout California in partnership disputes involving:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing
  • Civil conspiracy
  • Defamation
  • Fraudulent inducement
  • Tortious interference claims
  • Unfair competition (California Business & Professions Code §17200)
  • Violations of trade secrets

When necessary, we can act quickly to seek temporary or preliminary relief in order to protect our clients’ interests and preserve their competitive advantages.

Meet the Attorneys at O’Rielly & Roche LLP

O’Rielly & Roche LLP is a team of experienced attorneys who are committed to effectively and efficiently meeting their clients’ ethical and legal needs. Our attorneys are passionate advocates in arbitration and litigation, and critical advisors for ethical and partnership matters in Los Angeles and throughout California. Get to know the attorneys at O’Rielly & Roche LLP:

If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys in confidence, we encourage you to contact us. To schedule an appointment at our offices in Los Angeles, CA, please call (213) 437-3910 or inquire online today.